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Tour Directors hitting the road

Travel pro. Fellow adventurer. New best friend. Whatever you call them, your Tour Director is the one who makes your trip extraordinary (as you’ve told us time and time again!). Meet a few and see where they’re heading next.


“My passion is traveling and learning from all different cultures,” says Alex, who’s from a small town in the Black Forest of southern Germany. “I'm so privileged that I can share this with other people as a Tour Director.”

Join him on these departures:

Venice, Florence & Rome - Mar 17, 2020

Portugal, Spain & Morocco - May 1, 2020


A career change from tax attorney to Tour Director made perfect sense for Emilio, an Italian who’s always been interested in languages and travel. “I love leading tours in my home country because I love showing travelers Italy’s hidden gems.”

Join him on these departures:
Barcelona, Southern France & the Italian Riviera - Jun 24, 2020

Puglia & Southern Italy - Aug 27, 2020


Enrico is passionate about sharing new cultures with others. “My job always has nice surprises in store, like meeting people from all walks of life and making new friends,” he says. He’s been leading trips with us for more than 25 years.

Join him on these departures:
Venice, Florence & Rome - May 26, 2020

Italy & Greece - Oct 22, 2020

“Our Tour Director Emilio was the best! He was so organized and on top of everything, keeping each activity running smoothly, and we loved his humor.”

—Karen, 2nd-time traveler


A former professional ballet dancer and artistic director of an international dance center in Rome, Gloria has run tours with us for over 25 years. “The experience of traveling goes through all the five senses,” she shares. “Everything will be different than at home, and that’s why we travel!”

Join her on this departure:
Athens & Ancient Greece - Mar 15, 2020


Lala is the definition of a citizen of the world. Her hometown is Baku, Azerbaijan, she’s studied in Heidelberg and London, and when she’s not traveling the world, she lives in Berlin. "I love putting complicated historic matters into an ‘it makes sense’ narrative on tours,” she says.

Join her on these departures:

Croatia & Slovenia: The Old-World Adriatic - Jul 16, 2020

Scandinavia: The Capitals & the Fjords - Aug 20, 2020


Leonor may be from Chile, but she’s lived in Argentina, Portugal, the UK, and Spain. Sociology, psychology, and history are subjects she’s passionate about, along with travel—she has more than 25 years of experience leading trips with EF.

Join her on these departures:
Venice, Florence & Rome - Feb 22, 2020

London, Paris & Rome - May 8, 2020

“We learned so much from our local guides and Leonor was the greatest Tour Director ever!!!!”

—Cynthia, 1st-time traveler


Originally from Southern Italy and now based in Rome, Linda has lived and studied abroad throughout her life. “Working at EF is the perfect way of expressing my passion and curiosity for different cultures!”

Join her on this departure:
Italy & Greece - Apr 23, 2020


Matt first started touring with students while teaching at the EF London school more than 20 years ago. Traveling is now second nature to this Londoner, who can often be found sharing his favorite foodie spots across Europe with groups.

Join him on these departures:
London, Paris & Amsterdam - Apr 5, 2020

London, Paris & Madrid - Jun 1, 2020


With a bilingual upbringing (he’s half English, half French), Pascal has lived in many parts of Europe. Skiing, geography, and music are his biggest interests aside from travel—and this pro has nearly two decades of experience leading trips with us.

Join him on these departures:

Lake Como, the Italian Riviera & Venice - May 09, 2020

Jewels of Alpine Europe - Jun 1, 2020

London, Paris & Rome - Nov 11, 2020

London, Paris & Rome - Dec 07, 2020

“In Gloria, we had the most amazing Tour Director who shepherded us through airports and ferry terminals and all over two countries. Her joy and enthusiasm for her job is infectious.”

—Patrick, 3rd-time traveler


She's a practicing lawyer, speaker of five languages, and lifelong learner (Arabic and Tango are her latest challenges). When you join Paz on tour, you’ll see why she’s been a successful Tour Director for 18 years too!

Join her on these departures:

Food & Wine: A Taste of Greece - May 23, 2020

Food & Wine: France through Bordeaux & the Loire Valley - Jul 23, 2020


“I was born with the nomad gene!” says Sabra, who grew up in northwestern Italy. She's always on the move, whether it’s leading tours over the past 25 years or pursuing her hobbies of art history, wine tasting, cinema, and dance.

Join her on this departure:

Food & Wine: France through Burgundy & Champagne - Sep 4, 2020


Ask her anything in Italian, English, Spanish or French—and Tinì will have the answer. She loves traveling, history, music, literature, cinema, and most of all, she loves to share these passions with her fellow travelers.

Join her on these departures:

The Greek Islands: Mykonos, Santorini & Crete - May 11, 2020

A Week in France: The Riviera, Provence & Paris - Jul 18, 2020

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