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Stroll the boulevards in Paris or amble through lavender fields in Provence on a Walking Tour

Get the royal treatment in the Loire Valley, the château capital of France. See it on tour

Make a perfect pair with the world’s best wines and cheeses (think: Beaujolais and brie). Taste it on tour

Charming, classic France

They say Paris is always a good idea—but we think that covers the rest of France, too. From the historic beaches of Normandy to the sunny shores of Nice, each corner of the country offers up new discoveries. As Lael, our V.P. of Market Development, put it simply, “Who doesn’t love France?” Mais bien sûr. Whether it’s for food, history, or just falling head-over-heels for every charming medieval town you see, visit France this year to find exactly what you love most.


“The Eiffel Tower does not disappoint—however, it was France’s landscape that stole my heart. From the Alpine lakes to the beautiful Atlantic beaches, I was impressed by the natural beauty of this historic country.”

— Christine, Go Ahead staffer

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