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Step back in time at the ruins of Syracuse, some of the oldest in Italy. See it on tour

Say “cheese” and wine, and olives, and cannoli… Sicilian specialties are some of the best. Taste them on tour

Go for Baroque in Noto, the well-preserved town rebuilt after a 1693 earthquake. Visit on tour

Singular, spellbinding Sicily

The Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Byzantines, and Normans have all called Sicily home at some point—a cultural mash-up that gives the island a culture all its own. Why visit Sicily now? This one-of-a-kind feeling (plus, the amazing cuisine) is the reason to see Sicily, especially if you’ve explored Italy before. “Sicily is so unique, even from other places in Italy,” says Go Ahead staffer Amanda. “And Sicilian food is incredible. Bring me back an eggplant pizza, please.”


“The friendly people, stunning Mediterranean scenery, and delicious fresh food really just put Sicily at the top!”

— Kristen, Go Ahead staffer

Sicily: A Cultural Journey
with Taormina Region extension
12 or 14 days
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