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Travel buzz

6 top-reviewed bucket list trips you can’t miss

Nov 03, 2022 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

Looking to check some destinations off of your travel bucket list? Whether you’re dreaming of journeying to icy Antarctica, experiencing all the fun of Oktoberfest, or roaming grassy African plains to look for native wildlife, we’re ready to help you make it happen. See below for six of our top-reviewed bucket list vacations to book.

a traveler sitting in a boat, looking at the sunset over the Nile river

1. Egypt & Nile River Cruise

Venture down the Nile River and experience Egypt’s wonders

Discover a world of ancient wonders underneath the desert sun. Walk amongst the stuff of legends—stone icons towering above, corridors of statues, and valleys of kings from the past. Cruise down the winding Nile River, the longest river on the African continent, as you journey through history. End in Cairo, where the ancient meets the modern in a bustling city full of mosques, businesses, marketplaces, and some of the most spectacular views of the Pyramids of Giza.

“ finally go on tour and marvel at the history, legacy, and culture in person is nothing short of life changing. How many people can say they stepped INSIDE the Great Pyramid of Giza? Walked among the columns at the Temple of Karnak? Visited the massive tombs in the Valley of the Kings? Exactly. Everything about the tour met and exceeded expectations,” said traveler Edward after experiencing our Egypt & Nile River Cruise.

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travelers posing for a picture in machu picchu

2. Grand Tour of Peru: Machu Picchu to Lake Titicaca

Travel through the Amazon Rainforest and into the Andes Mountains

“This program was phenomenal. We saw all of Peru—from the Amazon to Machu Picchu and beyond. Every day on tour was amazing. This tour is a bucket list tour for sure! The Bolivia extension was just as fabulous. Every day on tour was a Top Ten Day!” said traveler Nishja after joining our Grand Tour of Peru.

Begin your adventure in Lima, wandering through both colonial, Spanish-built and modern architecture that makes up the colorful capital city. Then, travel into the Amazon rainforest and discover the lush wildlife within. Continue your journey to Peru’s most well-known site and a location that should be on any traveler’s bucket list: Machu Picchu. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this Incan stronghold built around 1450 AD rises into the clouds of the Andes Mountains. The ruins, covered in lush green vines, are seemingly perched on the mountainside. Wrap up your adventure in Cuzco and immediately start planning the next trip.

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explorers looking at ice caps in Antarctica

3. Antarctica Cruise

Board a ship bound for the seventh continent

Start in the squares of Buenos Aires, which are teeming with food and fashion culture. Sip mate at a corner cafe while taking in the city’s sophisticated architecture. Later on tour, board a ship for the land of ice and snow. Be ready for alien-like landscapes carved from blue and white, rocky shores covered in colonies of penguins and seals, and snow that glitters in the sunlight. A once-in-a-lifetime adventure awaits!

“As a Group Coordinator and fellow traveler on EF Go Ahead’s Antarctica Cruise, I can only describe the experience as akin to having a dream from which one hopes never to awaken!” said traveler Georgia. “The scenery was like being on some other planet. We saw every penguin, seal, and whale type that it was possible to see in this region.”

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 a man pouring a beer as foam spills over the side

4. Oktoberfest: Historic Germany

Experience the iconic Oktoberfest in Munich

“This was our first Go Ahead tour,” said traveler Linda. “Attending Oktoberfest was on our bucket list, and we were not disappointed in the fun-filled, authentic Oktoberfest or in the entire tour from Berlin to Dresden to Bamberg to Munich.”

A celebration of Bavarian food and culture, Oktoberfest is a bucket list vacation event for anyone interested in food (or beer!). Held annually in Munich during the month of September, this festival is a perfect way to experience German culture. Make sure you wear a lederhosen or a dirndl to get the full experience!

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Ayers rock in Australia

5. Australia & New Zealand

Head down under to see nature like never before

Journey across the world to experience habitats that evolved in isolation for millennia. From the technicolor sites of the Great Barrier Reef to the burnt ochre of the Outback, Australia’s unique landscapes are unlike anything else on this planet. A quick jump to New Zealand will reveal lush plains of green grass and cliffs soaring from the sea below. Discover a zest for life in Melbourne, fantastic cuisine in Sydney, and local wildlife in Auckland. Extend your trip and visit the tropical island of Fiji for a dip in the South Pacific.

“This was a trip I had been planning for a couple of years,” said traveler Jane. “I was to retire, and it would be my ‘Hallelujah, I’m retired trip.’ It was everything I had imagined it to be. I wouldn’t change a thing about the itinerary, people, guide, or food! I learned a lot and we explored everything from the Australian harbor cities to the Outback to the tropical forest. New Zealand’s mountains and the amazing waterfall cascades. We saw every kind of animal both countries have. I tried everything from hot air ballooning to climbing Sydney’s Harbour Bridge. Don’t miss this adventure of a lifetime!”

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wildebeest migration crossing water

6. Kenya Wildlife Safari

Watch the Great Migration from the front seat of a 4x4

Have you dreamed of roaming grassy plains on the lookout for some of the world’s most iconic animals? Jump into a 4x4 Jeep and head off into the bush, teeming with cheetahs, giraffes, and everything in between. Journey from Mount Kenya to the expanses of the Maasai Mara, getting to know kind, creative locals who are eager to share Kenya’s rich culture and traditions with you. Experience the Great Rift Valley, Nairobi, and Aberdare National Park on this adventure through Kenya.

“This was a trip of a lifetime,” said traveler Kathleen. “Our guide was so knowledgeable about the animals, birds, people, and their culture. I learned so much about Kenya and its people.”

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