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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

The Go Ahead community is a vibrant one, full of people from around the world with a shared love of travel. Our team is so happy you’re part of it.

Every traveler should feel welcome and safe when using our digital communication channels. These ground rules outline our expectations for participation in this online community. Please keep these guidelines in mind when chatting, sharing, and engaging with others here.

Be respectful

People from many places with different backgrounds join our travel community. Approach each other with empathy and respect. Creating an inclusive environment for conversation is the responsibility of all of us.

Share with care

We're thoughtful about what we share and how we share it. That means using appropriate language and considering the words and images we choose to post. We avoid sharing age-restricted content and personal information about ourselves or others.

Stay curious

There is so much to discover about the world around us—and each other. Consider each interaction you have in this travel community as a chance to find out something new. Listen and learn with kindness and an open mind.

Have fun

We’re all here because we love to experience new places and meet new people. That’s something to celebrate! Together, we can commit to growing this community based on our shared love of travel.

If you see something that violates these guidelines, you can use the block or report features in our mobile app, or contact us. We will review and respond to violations accordingly. Please review our Terms & Conditions for details about our On-Tour Conduct Expectations, as well as our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Thanks for keeping our travel community a comfortable online space for everyone.