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Ambassador Program

Congratulations on being selected as an EF Go Ahead Tours Ambassador! You’ve done it all when it comes to group travel—now, it’s time to share your experience.

Consider this your passport to a world of resources

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Becoming an Ambassador

As an Ambassador, you get to:

  • Work with new and/or existing Group Coordinators.

  • Mentor via in-person meetings, phone calls, and/or Zoom calls to share best practices for recruiting and leading groups on tour.

  • Advocate for Go Ahead in your local community, on your social media, and through the Group Coordinator Facebook page.

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Access the Ambassador toolkit

Submit your mentorship checklists

Ambassador Handbook →

Find more information about your responsibilities and role as an Ambassador—plus all the perks and benefits.

Mentorship Guide →

Learn how to share your expertise, experiences, tips, and tricks with your mentees.

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Use this interactive checklist to get the most out of your sessions.

Watch informational sessions, events, announcements, and more

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Looking for even more support? Join our Ambassador Facebook page to connect instantly with fellow Ambassadors. This private group is all about sharing ideas, empowering one another, and forging lasting connections.

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Ambassador Marah

“Being an Ambassador allows me to share my best practices regarding marketing, recruiting, and providing a special tour experience for my travelers. I love connecting and working with Group Coordinators as they overcome hurdles and build successful travel programs.”

Ambassador Diane

“There is nothing more gratifying than helping other Group Coordinators, whether new or existing, feel more comfortable about their upcoming tours. I love using my travel experiences with Go Ahead to help them move forward with confidence.”

Ambassador Richard

“As an Ambassador, I love to help other Group Coordinators build successful travel programs by sharing my personal travel and recruiting experiences. I truly enjoy being a small part of a special group of people at EF Go Ahead Tours.”

Ambassador Eldora

“As a former teacher for many years, being an Ambassador has given me the opportunity to continue in that capacity by sharing what I have learned with other Group Coordinators. I love travel and love sharing my experiences, knowledge, and passion with others."

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