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8 reasons to go guided as a female solo traveler

Mar 04, 2021 by Jamie Gallerani

Brave, wanderlust-filled, worthy of all the life-changing adventure to come—our solo travel community is truly something. While we love to sing all of our travelers’ praises everyday, this International Women’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate all the women who’ve taken a leap of faith and set off on solo journeys with us.

Check out some of the many reasons to love guided solo travel for women, and a handful of helpful tips for women traveling alone. (Plus, hear what some of the women in our community are looking forward to most on their next solo trips!)


1. Self-empowerment is waiting

Just ask solo traveler and Go Ahead Ambassador Jessica. “In my opinion, female solo travelers should go on guided tours with Go Ahead because the company provides me with a tangible and secure opportunity for self-discovery that leads to a wonderful sense of self-empowerment,” she said. “As a female, there’s no greater feeling than learning what I’m capable of by accomplishing my personal goals to see the world without anything or anyone standing in my way.”

Where will Jessica’s solo journeys take her next, you ask? “I’m really looking forward to seeing and traveling through the Alpine region in December 2022!” she said. “This particular region of Europe always makes me think of storybook fantasies because of the covered bridges, its gingerbread-style architecture, and snow-capped mountains. Walking along the cobblestone streets while bundled up and drinking hot chocolate adds to the excitement. The fact that I’ll be traveling there around the holiday season adds an extra touch of magic to my adventure as well!”

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2. Our travel experts make planning a cinch

“It’s normal to be nervous,” said traveler Elise about planing a solo journey. “I was nervous too when I signed up for my first group trip, but as soon as I returned home, I was already searching for my next trip!”

“If you worry before going on a trip for any reason, the Go Ahead customer service representatives will be there to talk to you about it. I have called them to ask various questions—sometimes something as simple as, ‘How much of the other country’s currency do you recommend that I bring?’ They’ll assist you and ease your mind if you have concerns. My advice would be to STOP OVERTHINKING IT AND JUST SIGN UP FOR THE TRIP! You won’t regret it!”

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3. The whole world will open up for you

“There’s a lot to be said for making things happen in your life instead of sitting back waiting for the right moment,” said solo traveler Karen, who fell in love with travel on her solo tour of Lake Como, the Italian Riviera & Venice. “People often hold themselves back from traveling because they don’t want to go alone. But, seeing the world on a guided tour is the best way to travel solo because you’re able to meet people. If you can get past the idea that you have to go with somebody, it will open up a world of experiences.”

“I’ve taken lessons from wonderful Italian artists and painted on the streets of Venice. I took a watercolor workshop in Giverny, France; I never dreamed I’d be painting in Monet’s garden. The whole world opens up to you if you’re not afraid to put yourself out there.”

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4. A friendly (and trusted) face is always there

Solo traveler Cheryl, who’s booked on 2021 and 2022 Europe tours, knows this firsthand. She’s confidently arrived on all of her solo Go Ahead trips knowing exactly who would be there for her: our experts. “I knew Go Ahead would be the group I would travel with because they’re the best,” she said. “I knew that when I took my luggage off that turnstile and walked down into the foyer of the airport, my fabulous Tour Director would be standing there smiling, waiting to whisk me and the other excited travelers off to a new adventure.”

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5. You’ll find out exactly who you are

“I have always wanted to travel, but for various reasons, wasn’t able to do so fully until 2001 when I tagged along on my daughter’s senior class trip to Switzerland, Italy, and Nice,” said Group Coordinator and solo traveler Caroline, who’s booked on 2021 and 2022 tours of Mexico and Kenya. “I went despite opposition from my then-husband; I just knew it was something I needed to do—for me.”

“On that trip, I fully and finally realized my path forward in life was as a single person, and made that happen in 2004. As a reward, I booked the Grand Tour of Spain as a solo traveler for November 2005, and felt like I had done the impossible. It was exhilarating, and freeing, and I found my voice as Caroline, and not someone’s mom or wife. I made friends. On each subsequent Go Ahead Tour, it’s been easy to make friends—I’ve always said the nicest people travel with Go Ahead … Go Ahead has given me the confidence to do more, go further, be more.”


6. You can create your own magical moments

“There are some wonderful experiences that you can have when traveling solo that wouldn’t happen if you weren’t solo,” said two-time solo traveler Kathy. “I like the security and ease of going on a group tour with a company like Go Ahead that handles all the details, but then I also like making the most of my free time during the tour. On a tour of Italy, our group had just finished a tour of the Vatican and the bus was taking us back to the hotel for free time until dinner. I asked them to just drop me off in the center of town and I would make my own way to the restaurant for that evening.”

“I had a wonderful time just walking around solo, and stopped to rest at a park bench in a little neighborhood park. While watching children play, an older lady came along and sat on the bench with me. She couldn’t speak English and I couldn’t speak Italian, but we communicated with smiles. Suddenly, she started singing a song. It was beautiful, whatever it was. Then she smiled and indicated it was my turn. I sang Amazing Grace to her. Such a wonderful sharing between two strangers that I know never would have happened if I hadn’t been by myself.”

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7. It’s an act of self love

“Arriving at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland was both exciting and nerve-wracking,” said solo travel Ambassador Monica about her time on A Week in Ireland: Galway, Cork & Dublin. “They’re scary and beautiful at the same time—kinda like a solo trip! The cliffs are sublime. I was filled with adrenaline to explore. After lunch, the clouds broke and the rain stopped. It really gave you a chance to take it all in. It was the perfect solo trip moment I was looking for. I could have stayed there forever.”

“A solo trip isn’t supposed to be the hardest thing you ever do. It’s an act of self-love. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and love yourself a little more than you did today. Preferably in Ireland, in awe of the Cliffs of Moher.”

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8. You’ll meet like-minded women (who become lifetime friends!)

“I’ve learned there are many people who want to travel, but may not have a dedicated travel partner, and are therefore hesitant to ‘go alone’ because our society is a couples-oriented one,” said Group Coordinator and solo traveler Caroline. “Having a dedicated solo traveler group takes away that perception. As a Group Coordinator, I’ve organized tours with EF for six years, and 95% of my travelers are solo female travelers.”

“You may start your journey solo, but you’ll come away with new friends. I stay in touch with many of my former travel mates and people I’ve met on tour. I started going solo in 2001. Life changing. Literally.”


Have you ever traveled solo? Do you have any tips for solo female travel? Tell us why you love solo travel for women, and share your tips for women traveling alone in our solo traveler Facebook group!

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