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Europe shines in the off-season, the time of year between October and March when traveling across the Atlantic means perks like smaller crowds, lower prices, and all-around amazing experiences.

7 reasons why insiders love off-season travel

1. Fewer crowds
You'll feel like you have the most popular sites (almost) all to yourself.
2. Special events
Some of the most unique local festivals take place during this time of year. Go now to get in on all the fun.
3. Better value
See the same sights while saving money—this is when prices are low and traveling is cheapest.
4. Comfortable temps
Some people thrive on hot days, others don’t. If you’re in the second camp, Europe’s temperate seasons could be just what you're looking for.
5. Seasonal cuisine
Think truffles in Italy and mulled wine in the Alps—some of Europe's best bites are served up in the fall and winter.
6. Authentic experiences
Once all the summer visitors have headed back home, you'll get a clear picture of what daily life is really like.
7. New perspectives
Find a whole other side to the Europe you thought you knew—the continent takes on a new light during this time of year.
Off-season Europe
Multi-country tours
Warm up with tasty comfort foods, from schnitzel to Sachertorte.
Germany, Switzerland & Austria
14 days | 16 days with Budapest extension
View tour
View tour

This past December was my third time in Vienna, but perhaps my favorite because of snow. I love the cold weather and warm restaurants, hot glühwein, roasted chestnuts, and apple strudel with vanilla sauce.”

–Carol, Club Go Explorer
Off-season Europe
Italy & Greece
Don’t miss Sicily in the winter—that’s harvest time for blood oranges.
gondolas in venice
Best seller
gondolas in venice
Best seller
A Week in Italy: Venice, Florence & Rome
9 days | 11 days with Sorrento Peninsula extension
View tour
View tour

Visiting Greece in the spring offers a kaleidoscope of colorful wildflowers and green valleys. There are no crowds and warm, sunny weather.”

–Verna, Club Go Globetrotter

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Off-season Europe
Great Britain & Ireland
A warm Irish welcome awaits in the fall, winter, and spring.
buckingham palace in london england
Best seller
buckingham palace in london england
Best seller
Highlights of England, Scotland & Ireland
12 days | 14 days with London extension
View tour
View tour

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Off-season Europe
Spain & Portugal
Catch the sunset, sans summer crowds, along the beaches of Costa del Sol.
Grand Tour of Spain
14 days | 16 days with Barcelona extension
View tour
View tour

No matter where you go in Europe, the low season is a wonderful time to visit. You’ll have better access to all the famous sites. If you love getting to know—really getting to know—the places you travel to, you’ll love the off-season too!”

–Lea, Operations Team

Your off-season travel questions, answered

What exactly does “off-season travel” mean?

If you look up the definition of off-season travel, it's the span of time between October and March when Europe quiets down. The off-season varies slightly by country, but a visit to Europe during this time means you can enjoy smaller crowds and lower prices.

In addition to these benefits, insiders know it's the best-kept travel secret. Off-season travel comes with perks like tasting seasonal food specialties, enjoying annual celebrations at local festivals, and seeing a side of your destination you didn't expect to find.

What does fewer crowds mean for my tour experience?

You’ll always have an “in” with us when it comes to skipping the long lines at popular museums and landmarks. An off-season bonus? Fewer people around once you’ve entered. While exploring at a relaxed pace you can make your experience your own, whether that means lingering longer to admire details that catch your eye or capturing them on camera.

Why is traveling in the off-season a better value?

When it comes to money matters, let’s just say that your wallet will thank you for choosing an off-season trip. This is the time of year when everything from airfare to something to eat is a better value for your money.

Off-season travel often means smaller groups. The best part is that you’ll still pay the same amount for your tour whether you have 15 or 38 people in your group!

Thanks to our partnerships with top airlines and hotel groups, we’re already able to offer competitive tour prices. In the off-season (a time when things cost a little bit less anyway) the savings get even better—and prices are even lower for you.

Traveling during this time of year definitely comes with opportunities to make your money stretch further. For example, our Christmas market tours are based on existing trips that run all year round, the main difference being that we’ve added visits to Christmas markets. With prices that are comparable to or even lower than the tours that run year-round, you’re getting extra perks for less!

What's the weather like during the off-season in Europe?

If you prefer it when the temperatures are a bit more temperate, then Europe outside of the summer months could be just what you need. Fall and spring bring weather that’s pleasant—and perfect for getting outside to discover somewhere new. We recommend bringing lots of layers, so you're ready for any weather, and checking the forecast before you set out on tour.

Average temperatures in different countries range, so we recommend thinking about what you prefer when it comes to outdoor weather. In March, for example, the average temperatures are 58 °F in Lisbon, Portugal; 52 °F in Rome, Italy; 46 °F in Paris, France; and 44 °F in Dublin, Ireland.

Winter can bring chilly weather across the continent—and sought-after locales take on a whole new feeling. From snowy streets in Copenhagen to the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower against the dark night sky, there are special moments that only cold-weather adventurers can find. Plus, winter is a wonderful time to bundle up and see a city at its most festive on a Christmas Market or New Year's Eve tour.

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