Global Rewards
Loyalty program

Earning points is easy

Once you book a tour, you’re automatically enrolled in Global Rewards and can start earning Global Points right away

Recruit a group

Starting with your first trip, you’ll earn one Global Point per traveler per day of your tour.
6 paying travelers
x 10-day tour
= 60 Global Points

Refer another Group Coordinator

Tell another Group Coordinator about any EF program. When your referee organizes a group of six or more travelers, you’ll earn $500 or 500 Global Points.

So many ways to redeem your points


Enjoy round-trip flights and accommodations for a trip of your choosing.


You love to travel, so we make it easy to redeem your points for flights.

Group Coordinator
Convention Tours

Network and collaborate with Go Ahead staff and other Group Coordinators on exclusive tours to amazing destinations all over the world. Starting at 600 Global Points

See how to attend

Share the love

Fund a full or partial tour for a deserving traveler.


Get the new iPad or the latest digital camera to use on your next tour.

On-tour experiences

Enhance a tour with additional activities for you and your travelers, like optional excursions or room upgrades.

Collect points.
Enjoy the possibilities.

You can spend your Global Points in a number of meaningful ways, from all-inclusive trips to professional development opportunities.

Global Rewards questions?

We're here to help! Call 1.800.742.1731, Monday–Friday from 9am–5:30pm ET or email
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Earn one Global point per day per paying traveler.

Earn Double Points per day per paying traveler.

Earn Triple Points per day per paying traveler. Plus, you can upgrade yourself to a single room for free (up to $500 value).

Earn Quadruple Points per day per paying traveler. Plus, upgrade to a single room for free (up to $500 value).

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