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Our travel referral program is one of the industry's best, and we're thanking you for sharing Go Ahead Tours like never before. Excited? We're just getting started. You'll enjoy more rewards than ever, which you can use on everything from excursions to new trips, and even earn a free tour when eight friends travel with us.

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How it works

Refer friends

From the moment you book a trip, you're a Go Ahead traveler. When your friends join us, they get $100 for each of their tours and you earn rewards to use on travel, too.

Spend rewards

A tour across Europe or an African safari? Put your rewards toward incredible new adventures or on-tour experiences.

Travel for free

After eight of your friends see the world with us, you’ll earn a free trip with Go Ahead Tours, up to $4,000 in value.

Over $5,000 of travel rewards

Each time a friend books their first tour, you’ll earn travel credit you can use on everything from excursions to all-new adventures. When eight friends book within two years, you'll score over $1,500 in credits, plus a free tour up to $4,000 in value.

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how our program works?

The Go Ahead Tours referral program is open to all travelers who have either previously taken a trip with Go Ahead Tours or are currently booked on an upcoming departure.
If you’ve previously traveled with Go Ahead Tours, you may refer any new traveler. If you have not traveled with Go Ahead Tours but are booked on an upcoming departure, you may refer a new traveler if they are staying in a separate hotel room on your tour, or will be traveling on a different departure. You cannot receive a referral credit for a household member or room companion, and all persons referred must be over 18 years of age. Group members recruited to travel on a tour by a Group Coordinator are not eligible to be referred. To submit a referral, you will need your referral’s first name, last name, and email address.
No, you do not have to travel on the same tour as anyone you refer.
You earn referral credit once a referred traveler books their first trip with Go Ahead Tours. Your earned referral credit will appear in your account 72 hours after their reservation is complete.
Referral credits are valid for two years after they are earned, after which time they will expire.
Yes, your referral credits are always combinable with any current promotional offers for which you are eligible.
When eight of your referred travelers book a trip with Go Ahead Tours within a two-year period, you will earn a free tour up to $4,000 in value. The two-year period begins when your first referral books a tour. All eight of your referred travelers must be booked on their first tour within the two-year period, however their actual date of departure may be past the two-year period. You will receive a $300 credit when your eighth referral books a tour. You will receive the remaining $3,700 credit when a total of eight of your referred travelers have departed on tour.
Yes. If the value of the tour that you choose as your free tour is under $4,000, you will receive a credit equal to the total cost of the tour. If the value of the tour you book is over $4,000, you will receive a credit totaling $4,000 and will be responsible for the remaining balance.
Your credit for a free tour expires within one year if not redeemed. You may travel on any future departure, but you must book within one year of earning the free tour.
If you are booked on a tour when you earn your free trip, you may apply the free tour credit toward that trip at any time before your Tour Finalization Date.
For any referral made prior June 19, 2017, the terms outlined in the answers above apply if the referred traveler books their first tour after June 19, 2017. For any referral made prior to June 19, 2017, wherein the referred traveler has previously booked a tour, any earned credit will be transferred to your account. Any referral for which you have already received a credit does not count toward new program benefits. Any previously earned credit will be valid until June 18, 2019, or until it is redeemed.