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How to host your Online Escape

We're thrilled to be working with you to bring the world to our travelers in a brand-new way. This page contains resources for hosting best-in-class experiences. Please review all information below carefully.

Important note: You must sign in to your Go Ahead Tours Zoom host account to start your Online Escape.

Zoom may automatically log you into a different account you’ve previously used. Check your Zoom settings: if the email address used to activate your Go Ahead Tours host account is not there, sign out and switch to your host account.

Online Escape must-dos

It's your responsibility as a host to lead an exceptional experience during every Online Escape.

Start on the right foot

  • Always begin by welcoming participants to today's Online Escape with EF Go Ahead Tours.
  • Introduce yourself and share a bit about your background.
  • Explain how questions and interactions will work during your Online Escape.
  • Invite participants to introduce themselves and encourage them to mute themselves when they’re not speaking.

Remember your time limit

  • Your Online Escape has a set duration that participants are expecting.
  • Going over by a few minutes is okay, but make an effort to complete your session in the allotted amount of time.

Finish strong

  • Before you say goodbye, thank participants for joining today’s Online Escape with EF Go Ahead Tours.
  • Invite your participants to join another Online Escape and travel with us in the future.

Leading your Online Escape

Apply these guidelines for hosting a live virtual experience with everything you already know about interacting with travelers on tour.

Be ready to help

  • Your participants may have technical questions at the beginning of the Online Escape.
  • Be ready to help troubleshoot with suggestions, like how to turn on video or un-mute.
  • You can also use the “Chat” feature to send a message to all participants.

Bring the enthusiasm

  • You know the energy and passion you bring when leading an on-tour experience? Online Escapes need all that—and more!
  • Think about news broadcasters and the need to “play big” to hold peoples’ attention. (It may feel awkward, but it helps.)
  • The more you showcase your personality, the more engaged your participants on the other side of the screen will be.

Make it interactive

  • As the host, you’re in control. You have the ability to mute participants in order to minimize background noise during your Online Escape.
  • If background noise from participants becomes distracting, you can also ask participants to mute themselves.
  • Take breaks to check in with participants and ask for their questions.

Tell a story

  • Make it personal by both sharing your own stories and prompting others to participate.
  • Tie the Online Escape to a Go Ahead Tour in an authentic way by referencing how they might experience this live on tour.
  • Online Escapes are all about the best parts of travel—connecting across cultures and learning from each other. Enjoy yourself!

Technical FAQ

Find answers to your top questions about using the Zoom platform.

Video & audio set-up tips

Follow these six steps to livestream success.