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Travel tips

Our expert tips: Packing made easy

Jun 21, 2022 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

As a company of passionate travelers, we’ve collectively been all over the world.

For some folks, packing for a long trip can be stressful. At EF Go Ahead we have years of international travel experience which means we have countless tips to make packing easier. Knowing what to bring and how to pack can put you in the best position to enjoy your time on tour.

So how do we sidestep suitcase woes like over-packing, disorganization, and wrinkled clothes on arrival? In this video we will be talking about packing light, airline requirements, how to pack your carry-on, layering, and what to wear at religious sites. Read on for our favorite tips.

1. Try to travel light

We always recommend that you pack as light as possible. At most of our hotels, we offer porterage service but there are some locations where you’ll have to handle your own luggage. When you’re flying to tour for example and in the occasion train station or ferry, you may have to handle your own bags. In these situations, you’ll be happier if you’ve packed lighter.

Travel tip from our President Heidi: “My secret to packing light is to lay everything out on the bed and then cut it in half. Then… cut it in half again. It’s the best tip for all those habitual over-packers out there (like me) who only end up wearing a fourth of what they bring. Now if only I could get myself to stick to that habit every time…”

2. Check-in on your airline requirements

We recommend that you always check with your airline regarding the luggage allowance for your flights. Go Ahead doesn’t have a strict requirement regarding the dimensions of your bag, however, we do ask that you limit yourself to one checked bag per person. And that you are conscientious of the fact that you’ll be sharing a bus with other travelers as well as their luggage.

3. Packing your carry-on

When you’re packing your carry-on bag, there are a few items you should always pack just in case your checked bag is delayed. We recommend packing a change of clothes and a toothbrush so you can freshen up once you arrive.

If you’re traveling with medication, please also pack in your carry-on bag, so if your checked bag is delayed, you’ll still have your prescription. When you’re packing your medication, it’s a good idea to bring extra, in case you experience an unforeseen delay in your return.

Packing tip from traveler Robin: “I keep a toiletries bag ready to go for any trip. It has everything I need in it—toothbrush, toothpaste, travel shampoo and conditioner, q-tips, floss, deodorant, moisturizer, face wash, even perfume. That way I don’t have to repack every time and I know I have everything I want in it. This trick was passed on to me by an art consultant who travels over 180 days a year to shows all over the world. It was a revelation!”

4. Make sure to pack clothes for layering

No matter where you’re traveling or what time of year, it’s a good idea to pack clothing that you can layer. It’s helpful to have pieces that you can mix and match to make a combination of different outfits, as well as allow you to be comfortable if the weather changes.

Travel tip from traveler Jessie: “Packing cubes have changed my life. I only own a carry-on size suitcase to keep me from over-packing, but I roll my clothes to make the most of the space. Grouping these little balls of clothing in the zippered compartments by category (shirts with shirts, dresses, and skirts together, etc.) makes it easy to find things and keeps me from having to re-roll everything in my suitcase every time I need to get something out. It’s also really easy to unpack and repack at the hotel—just put the cubes into a drawer or on a shelf in the closet and you’re done.”


5. Don't forget to pack a raincoat

It’s always a good idea to bring a light raincoat on your tour. Even if you don’t expect rain. After all, it can easily be stowed in your day bag and takes up almost no room. In the event that you get a flash shower, you’ll be in great shape and if you end up with cooler weather or strong winds, it will also help to cut the wind and keep out the cold.

Packing tip from staffer Vanessa: “Bring zip-lock bags in all sizes. Your perfume will leak and ruin your eye shadow, which will then ruin everything. And when your bathing suit doesn’t dry overnight but you need to pack it in the next morning, you can—without making all your clothes moldy.”

6. Packing for religious sites

Some of our tours visit religious sites, like cathedrals and mosques. In these locations it’s good to be mindful of your clothing and dress modestly. In most locations this will mean wearing clothing which covers your shoulders and your knees. You may be denied entry if you’re not dressed appropriately but don’t worry, your tour director will be able to tell you when you’ll visit these sites so you can plan ahead accordingly.

Packing tip from traveler Melissa: “Stick to one color scheme and pack pieces you can mix, match and layer. This makes it super easy to pack light and wear your stuff over again without anybody noticing!”

For more tips about packing, you can look at the getting ready tab in the Go Ahead Tours app or the frequently asked questions section at the bottom of your tour itinerary page on the Go Ahead Tours website.

How do you make packing for your trip easier? Tell us on our Facebook page or browse our tours now!

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