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These are the best multi-country trips in Europe to book now

Jun 12, 2024 by The Go Ahead Tours Team

A trip to Europe is always a thrill. From the fascinating histories and art scenes to the delicious food and stunning landscapes, every European country offers something worth traveling for—and you can experience it all by visiting multiple European countries on one unforgettable trip! Combining two or three (or more) European countries into one grand itinerary means you’ll get to discover more of Europe, and will also see the mesmerizing diversity that exists on the continent. You’ll hear a range of languages, sample an assortment of national cuisines, and immerse yourself in various cultures all on one amazing Europe tour.

Planning multi-country trips to Europe may sound intimidating at first, especially when you look at logistics, but opting for a multi-country European vacation package makes the experience seamless. Our team will take care of everything, so all you have to do is pick the tour that heads to the incredible countries you want to visit. And voila, you’re on your way to the European vacation of a lifetime.

Why choose a multi-country Europe trip?

Because most of the continent has an open-border policy, Europe might actually be one of the easiest regions in the world to do a multi-country trip in. Even in places where you’ll have to go through border checks (like between the UK and mainland Europe), the process is quite straightforward. Plus, the entire experience is a lot more cost-effective—flights within Europe are generally less expensive than they are between countries in other parts of the world. There’s an easy rail and bus system that you can opt to take, too.

Beyond the unfussy logistics, the reason why we love multi-country Europe trips is because of the cultural and experiential payoff. You get so much out of a Europe tour that brings you to more places. You can soak in so much cultural diversity, even over short distances. Read on to see our favorite multi-country itineraries to consider for your next European adventure.

Get to know Europe on tour

A collection of pictures from England, Paris, and Rome from a multi-country tour.

1. England, France, and Italy

One of our best multi-city Europe trips orbits around three of the most popular European destinations. Our best-selling London, Paris & Rome tour is all about celebrating and savoring the greatness of these captivating capitals. London, Paris, and Rome are perhaps Europe’s most influential cities, and this multi-country itinerary will dig deep into their enduring historical and cultural landscapes. Plus, the trip will take you to some of the most renowned attractions that make our European tours so beloved.

Start your 11-day adventure in London, where you’ll hit the ground running with guided visits to the city’s most important landmarks: Trafalgar Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Baroque-style Anglican church from the seventh century, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace (where you might be lucky enough to see the Changing of the Guard). In Paris, expect to tour other famous landmarks, like the Champs-Élysées, Eiffel Tower, and Louvre.

On the Rome tour, meet the ancients as you explore the Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, and Roman Forum, which was once the heart of the Roman empire. This itinerary also features ample free time for you to add additional excursions, enjoy some shopping, and do whatever else you may want to do in these glorious European cities.

Explore Europe’s most influential cities

A collection of pictures from Spain, France, and Italy from a multi-country tour.

2. Spain, France, and Italy

A southern Europe tour sounds like the perfect summer vacation to us, and our Barcelona, Southern France & the Italian Riviera tour delivers exactly that by stitching together 12 days in the Mediterranean. This itinerary combines sunny beaches, charming coastal villages, and plenty of cultural stops along the way, making it a great choice for a summer trip. But, because of how immersive and educational the itinerary is, it’s also a fantastic Europe trip for any other time of year, too.

In dazzling, cosmopolitan Barcelona, experience Antoni Gaudí’s genius during guided explorations of La Sagrada Família and Casa Milà, two of his most striking architectural creations. From there, you’ll head to the southern stretch of France, where you’ll see the geographic and cultural diversity of the region. You’ll visit medieval villages in Provence, the gothic jewel that is the Papal Palace in Avignon, the opulent Villa Ephrussi on the Cote d’Azur, and the charming Old Town of Nice.

Continue on for a quick glimpse at the refined glamor of Monaco before arriving in Italy’s spectacular Cinque Terre. You’ll board a train to Monterosso, a lemon-growing village surrounded by pebbled beaches, and sail the Ligurian Sea to Vernazza, a pretty village of pastel-colored, waterfront houses. The trip culminates in Florence, where you’ll spend two days soaking up the romance of the Renaissance as you’re guided through the iconic Ponte Vecchio, Uffizi Gallery, and Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. The collection of unforgettable experiences makes this one of the best Multi-Country Tours of Europe.

Book your European summer vacation

A collection of pictures from Italy and Greece from a multi-country tour.

3. Italy and Greece

Ancient ruins, incredible food, sun-drenched landscapes, and bottomless history are at the heart of this southern European duo. Our unmissable Italy & Greece tour combines two fan-favorite countries for the ultimate European vacation. Starting in Naples and the Sorrento Peninsula, you’ll be immediately introduced to the slower pace of Italian living, which will only get stronger on the glistening island of Capri—a longtime hit among celebrities. Then, see Italy’s history on full display while visiting Pompeii and exploring Rome’s limitless ancient ruins—from the Colosseum to the Circus Maximus. No Italy tour would be complete without Rome, right?

Your multi-country trip to Europe then heads to Greece for four days. Start in Nafplio, a seaside town with a history that features a unique medley of Roman, Venetian, and Ottoman influences, followed by a visit Epidaurus, famous for a stunningly preserved amphitheater from the 4th century B.C. Then you’ll tour the site of Mycenae, a hillside citadel, where you can still see the ruins of the famed Lion Gate, royal cemetery, and the beehive-shaped Tomb of Agamemnon.

This Multi-Country Tour ends with two nights in Athens, where you’ll get to know one of the ancient world’s most prized landmarks: the Acropolis. You’ll set off on a walking tour around the ancient site, which is home to the Parthenon, Temple of Athena Nike, and Erechtheion, and will be able to check off one of the most important bucket list attractions in Greece.

Check Italy and Greece off your bucket list

A collection of pictures from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria from a multi-country tour.

4. Germany, Switzerland, and Italy

One of our favorite things about multi-country European vacation packages is that they often include destination pairings that independent travelers may not have considered. Case in point: Our recently launched Switzerland, Germany & Italy tour includes an enthralling mix of experiences and visits to more under-the-radar spots, making it one of our most exciting new Europe tours.

The featured destinations might be Switzerland, Germany, and Italy, but this 10-day itinerary actually brings you to five different countries thanks to brief stops in both Liechtenstein and Austria. You’ll start in gorgeous Lucerne, a lakeside city at the foot of the Swiss Alps, and tour highlights like the Kapellbrücke, a covered wooden footbridge from the 13th century. In the afternoon, maybe you’ll choose to add an excursion to Mount Pilatus. To reach its 7,000-foot peak, you’ll ride on the world’s steepest cogwheel railway—and will be treated to some of the spectacular views of the Alps, so don’t forget your camera!

On your way to Munich in Germany’s Bavaria, you’ll pass Liechtenstein, one of the world’s smallest countries. In the capital city of Vaduz, you’ll explore a hilltop castle from the 12th century. Then, in Munich, you’ll explore Englischer Garten (one of the world’s largest urban parks), the stunningly Baroque Nymphenburg Palace, and Viktualienmarkt, a food market where you’ll have free time to sample local delicacies. You’ll have a full day free in Munich, which you can spend exploring the Austrian city of Salzburg.

In Italy, you’ll start in the north to discover the wild, craggy beauty of the Dolomites. It’s recently become one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the country, and from the way it looks, it’s easy to understand why. More stunning beauty follows with time spent in Verona before the trip ends in canal-lined Venice, where a spellbinding collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites await.

Enjoy jaw-dropping views on tour

A collection of pictures from Italy and the Adriatic from a multi-country tour.

5. Italy and the Greek Islands

If you’re craving a Europe tour that spends a lot of time in or near water, then our Italy, the Adriatic & Greek Islands Cruise tour is the best multi-country trip to Europe for you. You’ll start in Venice, a legendary city long defined by its relationship to the water around it. Cultural excursions like sightseeing around St. Mark’s Square and learning about the region’s celebrated glassblowing tradition can be paired with a gondola tour of Venice’s famous canals.

Then, you’ll board a cruise for the Greece tour of your dreams, and set sail for some of Europe’s most delightful island destinations. You’ll see the whitewashed buildings and black-sand beaches of Santorni, the charming windmills of Mykonos, ancient ruins in Athens, and, in Katakolon, the UNESCO-recognized site of the Ancient Olympic games. A cruise is a great way to see multiple Greek islands on one easy-to-manage itinerary.

Cruise through the Adriatic

A collection of pictures from England, Scotland, and Ireland from a multi-country tour.

6. England, Scotland, and Ireland

Our Highlights of England, Scotland & Ireland tour is among our best multi-country trips to Europe. (It’s also one of our best-selling tours!) We’ve found that first-timers to Europe are drawn to this tour, and Anglophiles love it for its immersive itinerary featuring three fascinating countries that share quite a lot of history. You’ll start in London, where you’ll be guided through some of Europe’s most famous attractions, from Big Ben to Westminster Abbey.

Then, heading north, you’ll drive through the lush English countryside to the medieval Scottish city of Edinburgh, a bustling contrast of old and new. You’ll see an exciting medley of neoclassical and Georgian architecture, Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, and many other brooding monuments. Literature lovers may want to consider the excursions to the home of Sir Walter Scott and the Gothic ruins of Melrose Abbey. Then, it’s back to England for a one-night stop in Liverpool, home to the Beatles and one of the friendliest cities in the region.

You’ll take a ferry to Dublin to see why it’s one of Europe’s most beloved capitals. There’s plenty of time to check off big-ticket attractions like Trinity College and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Ireland’s largest church. But, be sure to slow down with some people-watching in St. Stephen’s Green, listen to talented buskers on Grafton Street, and join locals for a night out in a traditional Irish pub for a pint of Guinness. You’ll cap the trip off in gorgeous and rugged County Kerry, where you’ll be treated to more natural wonders. Set out for the Ring of Kerry, a 112-mile coastal route boasting some of Europe’s most breathtaking scenery—the Lakes of Killarney, Dingle Bay, and the village of Sneem are just three highlights for that day’s agenda. No Ireland trip would be complete without them.

Step into history on tour

Street view of Eiffel Tower between buildings


How long should a multi-country trip be?
That’s entirely up to you! How much time do you have, and how many places do you want to see? Most of our multi-country trips to Europe are around 12 days long, but with extensions, they can run up to two weeks. To really get the most out of an itinerary that aims to showcase as many places as possible without going at an unsustainable speed, we think 10 to 14 days is the ideal length of a multi-country trip to Europe. You can combine a few countries and still take your time immersing yourself in each.

What’s the best way to travel from country to country?
Depending on the multi-country Europe tour you take, you might be traveling by coach, train, or plane. Many countries in Europe can be easily crossed by coach, but some of our tours include train and/or plane transfers. Our London, Paris & Rome tour, for instance, will bring you from London to Paris on the Eurostar, a high-speed train that crosses the English channel via an underground tunnel. You’ll also fly from Paris to Rome. Similarly, on our Italy & Greece tour, you’ll take a flight from Rome to Athens for the Greece portion of the itinerary. And on our Italy, the Adriatic & Greek Islands Cruise tour, you’ll actually sail between countries before cruising the Greek islands.

Can I use a single visa for all countries?
For most countries in Europe, the Schengen visa will cover your entry—but depending on the type of passport you travel with, you may or may not need to apply for a Schengen visa. You should check a few months ahead of your trip as a Schengen visa application can take up to a few weeks to get approved.

However, there are many European countries that are not part of this setup. The most notable exceptions are the UK and Ireland, so depending on what passport you have, you may need to apply for a visa to enter those countries, too.

How can I stay connected with internet and phone services on tour?
If you want to have consistent data and cellular service while traveling to multiple countries in Europe, you can often just tell your home provider to add an international usage plan to your account. You just need to inform them where you’re going and for how long. This can often be a pricey option.

You can also buy an international SIM card upon arrival in Europe. This is like a prepaid phone plan for your trip. Often, the SIM card will work in all other EU countries, too. Usage rates, however, may vary from country to country. This means the cost of calls, texts, and data could be different depending on where you are, because international SIM cards will connect to different networks as you travel.

Ready to hopscotch across Europe? Check out our Multi-Country Tours and tell us about the European countries you dream of visiting on our Facebook page!

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