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The solo traveler’s guide to Morocco

Mar 22, 2022 by Jamie Gallerani

Daydreaming of a colorful, culture-filled adventure? Some of the best advice we can give you is to book our new Solo Tour of Morocco. This inspiring North African country is just a stone’s throw from Spain, and is where you can see the UNESCO-recognized Roman Archaeological Site of Volubilis and take a dip in a hammam spa all in one trip. Read on to find out why traveling to Morocco alone alongside our experts is one of the best adventures you can give your solo-traveling self.

3 reasons why solo travelers should visit Morocco on a guided tour

If traveling to Morocco solo is on your bucket list, but you don’t quite know where to start, then going guided is the ticket. Our travel experts have already researched and vetted things to do in Morocco solo, so you can just enjoy the journey without the planning. “Traveling on a guided tour reduced the stress because I didn’t have to worry about navigation, language barriers, safety, and costs,” said traveler Michael after his time on our Portugal, Spain & Morocco tour. Here are three reasons why visiting Morocco as a solo traveler with our experts by your side is always a good idea.

1. You’ll absorb the culture while traveling securely

If you need some Morocco travel tips in a pinch or have cultural questions, your Tour Director will be a ready resource every step of the way on your Morocco tour. “Our Tour Director Ouadie was knowledgeable, professional, and helped us navigate our way around, from simply locating the nearest ATM to treating us to fresh apples and inviting us to taste local sweets,” said traveler Jacqueline. “He was always smiling and genuinely cared about our group. He provided us excellent service and always kept all of us informed.” (Tour Directors are great at recommending things to do in Morocco solo during your free time, too, so never hesitate to ask for ideas!)

2. We’ll whisk you from bustling cities to the Sahara in a snap

There’s so much to see on your solo travels in Morocco (think: winding medinas, miles of desert, and staggering mosques that draw people from all over the world). Navigating the country takes some know-how, even for the most experienced travelers. But, when you travel solo on our Morocco tours or on our new solo trip to Morocco, we handle all the transportation so that you can feast your eyes on the icons without having to lift a finger—or ask for directions.

“This made seeing places I’d only ever dreamed of seeing so attainable!” said traveler Brittany after her Highlights of Morocco: Marrakech, the Sahara & Fes tour. “It took the difficulty out of navigating through unfamiliar terrain and environments while providing an unforgettable experience.”

3. We’ll bring you beyond the typical tourist sites

When you visit Morocco as a solo traveler with us, you won’t just stroll through Majorelle Garden—you’ll sip mint tea with Bedouins and watch a traditional musical performance by Khamlia’s Gnawa people. You won’t just eat chicken tagine—you’ll learn to make it during a hands-on cooking class. Our experts weave immersive cultural moments into every moment of our Morocco tours so that you not only visit the country, but take a piece home with you, too.

As traveler Wayne found out, there’s no shortage of things to do in Morocco solo. “[There was] lots to do and see, more than expected,” said Wayne of our Highlights of Morocco: Marrakech, the Sahara & Fes tour. “Experiencing the local markets and visiting artisans were definitely highlights of this tour. Not to mention the cooking class, which was extremely well done and entertaining.”

Traveling to Morocco solo? See more top experiences on our Highlights of Morocco: Marrakech, the Sahara & Fes tour.

Take a solo trip to Morocco


3 places to visit in Morocco as a solo traveler

We’ll be honest: It’s nearly impossible to choose only three places to visit in Morocco as a solo traveler. There are so many unforgettable corners of the country and things to do in Morocco solo. But, while the Sahara Desert, Essaouira, Chefchaouen, and beyond are undeniable gems (and are some of the top places to visit if you have 48 hours in Morocco), we’re going to keep it short and sweet and stick to three of the most famous cities you can’t miss when traveling to Morocco solo.

1. Marrakech

When it comes to Morocco solo travel, you won’t ever be bored in this imperial city. Hundred-foot-high minarets, tombs, palaces, sprawling gardens, markets filled with musicians—you name it, Marrakech has it. It’s exactly this boundless variety of things to do and see that make it the perfect place to visit as a solo traveler in Morocco. “Marrakech is a city of contrasts,” said traveler Judy. “There’s something for everyone.”

2. Casablanca

If Casablanca sounds familiar, you have the eponymous 1920s film starring Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart to thank. This charming city is even more spectacular in person, and solo travelers on tour in Morocco will be stunned as they explore the Hassan II Mosque, the largest in Morocco, and the ritzy La Corniche waterfront. A little history and architecture, a little sunshine with ocean views—doesn’t get much better than that on a solo trip! Get a behind-the-scenes look at Michael Curtiz’s film, Casablanca and see how you can visit the bar inspired by the film.

3. Fes

Fes is sitting pretty as the spiritual and cultural center of Moroccan life, and solo travelers in Morocco will swoon over everything from the blue-tiled Bab Bou Jeloud gate to its captivating tanneries. We consider Fes one of the best places to visit when traveling to Morocco solo. Plus, the trip to the city on our Highlights of Morocco: Marrakech, the Sahara & Fes tour is just as impressive as the city itself! “Fes is a mixture of historic and contemporary architecture. The Ziz Valley and Atlas Mountains make for a beautiful drive to the city,” said traveler Judy.

Explore Morocco’s top sites on tour.

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3 top things to do as a solo traveler in Morocco

Wondering what to do in Morocco as a solo traveler? Rest assured, you could visit Morocco over and over again and still have more to see! This vibrant country offers something for everyone, and your expert Tour Director will be sure you see it all securely as they lead you from bustling marketplaces to a local cooking school and beyond. Here are three of the top things to do to step into Moroccan culture on your solo tour of Morocco.

1. Stroll through the medinas & souks

Our tours aren’t all about the things to do in Morocco solo, they’re about things to experience in Morocco solo. From Fes to Marrakech, solo travelers will find winding, walled, UNESCO-listed city centers called medinas—which usually have sprawling marketplaces called souks at their heart. These gritty, beautiful, alluring places highlight the best of daily life in Morocco, and you’ll find yourself stunned as you round each corner. But, trust us when we say: You’ll thank your lucky stars that you have a local Tour Director leading the way as you explore on our guided trips to Morocco!

“Morocco is the perfect example of a tour you want to take with Go Ahead rather than on your own,” said staffer Ellie after her time on our Highlights of Morocco: Marrakech, the Sahara & Fes tour. “I cannot imagine trying to navigate the medinas in Fes or Marrakech on my own! Fes’ medina alone has 10,000 streets, all of which can be crowded and winding; if I wasn’t with a Tour Director, I never would have made it out!”

2. Admire the mosques

Morocco boasts thousands of mosques, where Muslims around the country gather, worship, and learn together. They are beautiful cultural markers—not to mention the best places for solo travelers to find architecture photo ops! When it comes to Morocco solo travel, standing in awe of the massive Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech, the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, and more is pretty hard to beat.

“In Morocco, the light was mesmerizing,” said traveler Michael after his Portugal, Spain & Morocco tour. “I’m still dreaming about the country’s beautiful mosques, and how the cinematic sunlight filtered through openings. I loved the simplicity of seemingly intricate architectural details, and the play of light and shadow.” Read about capturing beauty on tour in Morocco here.

3. Join a cooking class on tour in Marrakech

Tasting authentic cuisine on tour in Morocco is one thing, but learning to craft everything from chicken tagine to mint tea is another! Working with traditional ingredients will give solo travelers in Morocco a new appreciation for the care and skill that goes into each regional dish, and is also a foolproof way to connect with your fellow travelers on a deeper level and make friends on tour.

“My favorite part of this tour was the cooking class in Marrakech,” said staffer Ellie. “We were all responsible for our whole meal, so being a solo traveler didn’t leave you out by any means.”

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3 of the best things to taste in Morocco

If you think the Moroccan people and all those historic views are lovely, just wait until you try the food! The cuisine shines thanks to an array of cultural influences, all those flavorful spices, and ready access to the Atlantic Ocean. So, one of the best things to do in Morocco as a solo traveler is dig in every chance you get—starting with these three iconic noshes.

1. Tagine with couscous

Traveling to Morocco alone and wondering what you’ll eat? There’s perhaps no more iconic Moroccan dish than tagine: a savory, slow-cooked stew made with meat, fish, or vegetables (not to be confused with the conical clay or ceramic pots the dish is simmered in, which are also called tagine). The dish is most often served with couscous, which makes for a flavorful, filling bite that you’ll surely want seconds of. “We had tagine often on our tour,” said staffer Ellie. “It is delicious with chicken, green olives, and preserved lemon. I also love couscous and getting to try it in Morocco was awesome.”

2. Harira

If you try just one soup while visiting Morocco, make it this one. Harira is a cultural staple in Morocco—it’s the most common food Moroccans eat to break their fast during Ramadan—and is a healthy bite made with a tomato base, chickpeas, lentils, rice or noodles, and beef or lamb stock. Yum is right.

3. Mint tea

You simply can’t travel solo to Morocco without having a glass of mint tea. This sugary sip is served every time of day throughout the country, and is a symbol of friendship and welcome. If you want to kick your tea up a notch on a hot day, do as staffer Ellie did and add a dash of bourbon: “I think the best thing I consumed on tour was a mint julep,” she said. “Mint tea is a cultural cornerstone of Morocco and we got to attend a few different tea ceremonies, which were super cool. In 110-degree heat, the iced cocktail version of mint tea hit the spot and was super refreshing.”

Taste authentic Moroccan foods on tour

Six practical tips for traveling solo in Morocco

One of the top reasons to travel solo to Morocco on tour is the fact that you can kick back while we handle all the details. But, soaking in every moment on tour doesn’t mean being a passive bystander, especially in a country as colorful, complex, and unforgettable as Morocco! Check out nine helpful tips for traveling in Morocco, and read on for a few extra suggestions to make the most of your solo tour.

1. Do a bit of research before arriving

While your Tour Director and local guides will be by your side from the minute you step off the plane in Morocco, it never hurts to have a little knowledge in your back pocket, especially as a solo traveler. Prepare for your Morocco solo travel adventure with a little pre-tour homework. “Regardless of whether you’re going with a group or on your own, you have to do your research,” said solo traveler and Ambassador Jessica. “I’m a firm believer in that. Get a good guidebook, read it, know what you’re getting into. If you go to another country, knowing a little more about it than you normally would helps you to be more prepared.” See 6 solo travel tips for more to know before you go.

2. Meet your fellow travelers in the mobile app before tour

If you’re traveling to Morocco alone on our guided tours, you can start making friends before you even leave home by downloading our free mobile app! You can upload a photo and a short bio of yourself, and message the people who will be joining you on tour. Then, their friendly faces will be there to greet you when you arrive in Morocco, and you can keep building on the connections you’ve made.

3. Be open to whatever comes your way

When it comes to things to do solo in Morocco, some of our best advice is to go with the flow. “My biggest tip for Morocco is to check any expectations at the door,” said staffer Ellie. “This is a country that is unlike anywhere else I have been, and being ready to expect anything that came my way was the best thing I could have done.”

4. Always sport appropriate attire

“Many people on my tour, including myself, expected to have to be covered up head to toe, as Morocco is typically viewed as a conservative country,” said staffer Ellie. “We found out that cities like Marrakech and Fes are actually pretty casual and we could have dressed in lighter clothing than we did. I traveled in September and it was between 90⁠–100 degrees most days, so having lightweight and flowy clothing was an absolute must. When we were in the desert the locals were definitely more conservative, so I do recommend long skirts, pants, and t-shirts instead of tank tops for these areas.”

5. Don’t forget proper footwear

“When walking through the medinas, you are fighting for space amongst a crowd including vendors’ carts, donkeys, horses, and motorbikes—having closed-toe shoes was a must!” said staffer Ellie.

6. Be brave enough to barter with vendors

“Bartering is part of the culture and is expected of you,” said staffer Ellie. “Having a Tour Director who knew the local language and could help me barter with vendors was an amazing resource when we were shopping! Our Tour Director knew where to take us for authentic rugs, leather, silver, and ceramics so we could get quality items that were made by locals.”

Traveling to Morocco solo? Check out our Morocco tours.

Have any of your own tips about the best things to do in Morocco as a solo traveler? Share them with us on our Facebook page!

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