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Destination Spotlight: Scotland:...

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Destination Spotlight: Scotland: Castles, Whisky, and Traditions

The details

May 11, 2021
4-5 p.m. ET
Live, on Zoom

What you’ll learn

From its ancient castles to its rolling landscapes and blaring bagpipes, Scotland is undeniably intriguing. Join expert Tour Directors Austin and Neil for a conversation on all things Scotland and learn more about the world-famous Scottish castles. Later, pour yourself a dram of Scotch—that’s what the locals call a glass of the liquor—and join Neil for a live whisky presentation. (P.S.—The Scots drop the e in whisky!). You’ll learn about the colors and flavors of Scotch Whisky, the proper way to drink whisky, and how to find the right whisky according to your tastes!

What you'll need to participate (optional):

∙ A glass of your favorite whisky!

The speakers

Neil Forbes

I am born and bred in the Edinburgh area of Scotland, and have been involved in the whisky industry for over 10 years, since retiring from the Police Service after 30 years of service.

I have many qualifications in nosing and tasting Single Malt Whisky, and can be found carrying out whisky tastings almost on a full-time basis, in the bars and restaurants throughout Scotland. A regular feature of my business is travelling throughout the Country taking clients to our wonderful distilleries showing how Single Malt Whisky is made.

In my spare time I like a game of golf on my favourite links golf course, or sitting in a bar with a single malt whisky in hand, reflecting on the stresses of the day.

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