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Virtual Escape: Iceland...

Travel Talk

Virtual Escape: Iceland and the Northern Lights

The details

March 23, 2021
5-6 p.m. ET
Live, on Zoom

What you’ll learn

Ever wondered what causes the bright, dancing colors of the Northern Lights, or Aurora borealis? Though the Northern Lights are omnipresent in Iceland's skies, they are only visible under certain conditions. Join Tour Director Fiffi for a full presentation on the northern lights, including northern lights facts and myths, what causes the northern lights, and how to see the northern lights in Iceland. After, learn more about the tours we offer to this region.

The speakers

Friðþjófur "Fiffi" Johnson

As a former marketing leader for start-ups, Fiffi has a passion for exploration. He decided to put that passion to work three years ago when he began leading trips with EF Go Ahead Tours. He’s an avid fisherman in his native Iceland, and he says that’s very similar to his search for the northern lights on tour—it’s all about finding the right spot! Fiffi is also a photographer who enjoys the excitement and challenge of capturing the perfect shot of the northern lights, and he loves helping travelers get the best view of this unforgettable natural phenomenon on tour.

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