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Responsible travel

See the world.
Make it better.

See the world.
Make it better.

Travel responsibly—on every single tour

Whether you go to Sicily solo or on a family trip to Kenya, when you travel with us, you’ll make a positive impact on the places you visit, and the people and animals you meet along the way. That’s because our three core Responsible Travel commitments—protecting the environment, supporting local communities, and promoting animal welfare—are at the heart of every tour we offer. Here’s how we bring those commitments to life on tour, and beyond.

Traditional weaving by villagers of the Sacred Valley, Peru

Supporting local communities

For us, traveling has always been about more than seeing places at their surface level. It’s about lifting up local economies, creating social opportunities, and preserving global cultures. Ways we do this on tour include dining at independently owned restaurants, partnering with organizations that preserve cultural heritage, and supporting businesses that employ local artisans and other staff members.

Photo: A textile cooperative, run by Quechuan women, that you’ll visit on our A Week in Peru: Lima, Cuzco & Machu Picchu tour

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Promoting animal welfare

We’re firm believers that experiencing a destination should never come at an animal’s expense. In 2018, we formed a first-of-its-kind partnership with World Animal Protection, an international nonprofit animal-rights organization, to ensure that none of our tour experiences exploit animals or threaten their well-being. We’re committed to preserving the health, safety, and dignity of all animals, from giant Asian elephants to tiny sea turtle hatchlings.

Photo: An elephant sanctuary you’ll visit on our Thailand Adventure: Bangkok, Chiang Mai & the Islands tour

The EF Impact Report

In 2021, we introduced the EF Impact Report to share ways in which our Responsible Travel initiatives are effecting change around the globe and shaping our travelers’ on-tour experience. Want to know more about what we’re up to? Keep an eye on EF Impact for updates about what we do, and why it all matters.

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EF’s Responsible Supplier Guidelines

Learn about the legal, ethical, environmental, and professional standards that shape how we operate.

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Explore our core commitments, watch our Responsible Travel webinar, and more.

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