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Supporting local communities

local communities

local communities

Making positive impacts that last

The buzzing cities, sleepy countryside villages, and sun-drenched coastal enclaves we visit on tour serve as windows into other worlds and ways of life. For the locals who call them home, those communities are vital economic, social, and cultural hubs, and we want to make sure our tours help them thrive for generations to come. Here are a few ways we—and you—can make lasting, positive impacts on local communities when we visit them together.

Sharing heritage

As you explore your destination, you’ll learn about local lifestyle and social philosophies, agricultural methods, time-honored culinary practices, and other enduring traditions that are central to its essence and identity.

Photo: Learn about locals’ thoughtful attitude toward life, and how nutritious foods, supportive friends, and a sense of purpose help Okinawans live long lives, on our Japan Adventure: Kyoto, the Japanese Alps & Tokyo tour.

Appreciating culture

One of the best ways to learn about and appreciate a new-to-you culture is by sharing in its creative traditions. On tour, we’ll open your eyes (and ears) to new and old forms of art, storytelling, music, dance, and other modes of expression.

Photo: Enjoy a performance by the Major Voices South African Choir on our South Africa: Cultural Cities & Wildlife Safaris tour.

Empowering locals

Wherever we can, we shine a spotlight on organizations that are working to better their own local communities and the lives of their staff. We also partner with small, locally owned suppliers so that revenue generated from our tours remains in the places we visit.

Photo: Meet residents of Thailand’s Mae Kampong eco village, and learn how they maintain their traditional way of life, on our Thailand Adventure: Bangkok, Chiang Mai & the Islands tour.

The EF Impact Report

In 2021, we introduced the EF Impact Report to share ways in which our Responsible Travel initiatives are effecting change around the globe and shaping our travelers’ on-tour experience. Want to know more about what we’re up to? Keep an eye on EF Impact for updates about what we do, and why it all matters.

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