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Coast of ocean in Tulum, Mexico with view of Mayan Ruins site

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From the streets of Old Havana and ruins of Machu Picchu to thundering Iguazú Falls and the wildlife of the Galápagos, tours to Latin America never cease to amaze.

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What our travelers say about their trips to Latin America

By 3-time traveler Beth M. on 11/20/2018
What an amazing tour! I learned so much about Peru and not just Machu Pichu. Time spent in Lima and Cusco was eye opening. The people are quite gracious and willing to help navigate, even if you don't speak very good Spanish. Our tour director, Edwin, was the best yet! Very knowledgeable, super good
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Galapagos and Ecuador
By first-time traveler Tracy E. on 8/01/2018
Having read about the Galapagos for years my expectations were high. The islands, cruise, hiking, and snorkeling did not disappoint. The guides were knowledgeable and actively involved in showing off their unique national park and all praise is well deserved.
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This was the trip of a lifetime!
By 3-time traveler Laurence B. on 6/26/2018
The Grand Tour of South America was our fourth tour with Go Ahead and this one was the best so far. Our previous trips were all to Europe so we weren't quite sure what to expect heading to Brazil, Argentina, and Peru.
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Latin America travel tips

When to visit Latin America

Our tours to Latin America visit South America, Central America, and the Caribbean—which means answering the question “when is the best time to visit Latin America?” is easy. No matter what time of year you want to travel, there’s a destination for you!

When planning your trip, remember that the seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere; when it’s summer in North America, it’s winter in South America. South America’s size and changes in altitude mean that weather conditions differ greatly from region to region. In general, the southern parts of the continent experience more distinct seasonal changes. Near the equator, expect more moderate seasonal changes, as well as a rainy season from December through March.

For an escape to a warm destination during winter in North America, the best places to visit in Latin America include Central America and the Caribbean. The dry season in Central America extends from December to April, and visitors can expect temperatures around 70 to 80F. Similarly, weather in the Caribbean is best between December and March, outside of hurricane season.

Where to go in Latin America

When you choose one of our Latin America tours, you’ll have an expert Tour Director and local guides at every step—so you can get the most out of your journey. Looking for the best place to visit in Latin America? These are just some of the amazing destinations you can explore on our Latin America tours:

  • Machu Picchu in Peru
  • The Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
  • The Torres del Paine region of Patagonia
  • Rio de Janiero, Brazil
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Mexico City, Mexico

Whether you want to explore ancient ruins in Peru, admire wildlife in the Galápagos or Amazon rain forest, or taste local flavors in Chile and Argentina, there are so many reasons to take a trip to Latin America. Our team of regional experts can help you choose the tour that’s right for you!

Dining tips for Latin America

Latin American culture is diverse, and that includes its cuisine. From region to region, local specialties vary, but some staples found across Latin American food include rice, beans, corn, and salsas. African, Asian, European, and Native American influences can be found in many Latin American recipes.

On any of our Latin America guided tours, you’ll have the chance to enjoy the region’s iconic eats. That’s because our experts handpick experiences to get you closer to culture, and all of our tours to Latin America include meals that highlight the local cuisine.

Packing tips for Latin America

Latin America travel can mean everything from exploring the wilds of Patagonia to dancing the tango in Buenos Aires. But no matter where your journey takes you, there are a few essentials you’ll want to have in your bag for a Latin American vacation:

  • Lightweight layers for varying temperatures
  • A comfortable pair of walking shoes
  • Sun protection, such as sunscreen and a hat
  • Rain gear for occasional showers
  • Swimwear to enjoy beaches and hotel pools
  • Insect repellent, long pants, and long-sleeved shirts for outdoor activities

But this is just a short list! Once you’ve reserved one of our Latin America group tours, you’ll receive a more detailed information about getting ready with tips tailored to your specific destination.

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