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BlogTravel buzzLooking for the best places to go in the summer of 2024? These 13 tours will cure your sun-kissed wanderlust
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Looking for the best places to go in the summer of 2024? These 13 tours will cure your sun-kissed wanderlust

Nov 22, 2023 by Adam Amundson

We wrestle with the same question every year: What are the best places to go in the summer? The usual suspects—France, Spain, and Italy—always emerge. With some iconic global celebrations coming up in 2024 (those “games” that happen every four years are coming to Paris and a little French bike race where we sponsor a team starts in Italy this year), those spots might be busier than normal. What a perfect year to go off the beaten path. Below, take a dive into our summer vacation 2024 bucket list with a few less-traveled spots that are sure to take your breath away. From stunning natural wonders, to big bustling cities, and quaint coastal towns, this list has it all. Which of these 13 tours are you ready to explore in the summer of 2024?

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The Spanish Islands

1. The Greek Islands

It’s difficult to think of a more iconic summer destination than the Greek Islands. Whitewashed, blue-roofed villages and volcanic, black-sand beaches overlooking the Aegean Sea are postcard perfect under a summer sun. With so many islands to visit, our Greece tours rank at the top of our list for best places to travel in the summer of 2024. Here are a few of the tours that will take you there:

The Greek Islands: Crete & Santorini

See the 10-day itinerary

Explore the charming Venetian Old Town of Chania on Crete, Greece’s largest island. Cruise past countless olive trees on your way to Heraklion, on the eastern side of this iconic Greek island. Board a ferry and head to Santorini, the volcanic island known for its black-sand beaches. This 10-day tour is the perfect summer getaway for anyone planning to visit one of the best places to travel in 2024 and explore some of the most famous sites on the Greek Isles.

Greece’s Ionian Islands: Athens, Kefalonia & Corfu

See the 12-day itinerary

While most people head south from Athens into the Aegean, this Greece tour takes you to the west—to the Ionian Islands—to visit two unique summer travel destinations. Dotted with fishing villages and home to an underground lake with water so clear it looks like glass, Kefalonia has inspired writers and artists for generations with its natural beauty. Paired with a visit to Corfu, the popular holiday destination known for its cuisine and Italian influence—it was once part of the Venetian Empire. This 12-day tour is among the ideal trips for 2024 for anyone wishing for a few less-traveled summer destinations.

The Greek Dodecanese Islands: Kos & Rhodes

See the 11-day itinerary

These islands in the far east of the Aegean Sea are two of the best places to travel in summer 2024. Kos is known as the birthplace of Hippocrates, the “father of medicine,” who prized the island’s honey for its purity. Rhodes is home to medieval castles, whitewashed villages, and the beautifully preserved Lindos Acropolis. Nothing says summer vacation like island time. See it all on this 11-day journey through the beautiful Dodecanese.

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2. Japan

If you’re looking for places to go in summer 2024 that are sure to take your breath away, add our Japan tours to your travel wish list. With its modern skyscrapers (hello, Tokyo!) and its ancient mountain temples, Japan is a place where old and new don’t simply meet—they do an intricate dance as part of everyday life. Here are a few of the tours that will take you there in 2024:

Japan for Solo Travelers: Tokyo, Mt. Fuji & Kyoto

See the 9-day itinerary

Take comfort in the presence of fellow solo travelers as you explore the rich history, natural beauty, and culinary traditions of Japan on this nine-day tour. Take a cooking class in Tokyo and craft your own authentic meal, then sing the night away at a karaoke bar. Travel through the lush foliage of the countryside toward Mount Fuji, where you’ll admire panoramic views of the breathtaking natural icon. Hop a bullet train to Kyoto and wander through bamboo groves and ancient temples. Japan is waiting to play host to your summer 2024 vacation.

South Korea & Japan: Seoul to Tokyo

See the 15-day itinerary

If you’re looking for a full-package journey as you think about places to travel in summer 2024—we’re talking culture, food, natural scenery, modern cities, and ancient sites—this 15-day tour through two of the most sought-after global travel destinations is for you. Travel to bustling South Korea, where you’ll explore the capital city of Seoul, the UNESCO-listed Bulguska Temple in Gyeongju, and the mountainous, seaside city of Busan. Then it’s off to Japan, where you’ll make your way from Fukuoka in the south to Kyoto by bullet train before ending your trip under the bright lights of Tokyo.

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3. Iceland

There’s a place where the sun shines a little longer than anywhere else, so if you’re looking for the best places to travel in the summer of 2024 for bountiful sunshine, look no further than Iceland. The island nation will get over 21 hours of daylight during the summer solstice—although the sun never fully sets for about a month in the summer, creating a sort of perpetual dusk. Our Iceland tours are filled with adventure and stunning natural scenery. Here are the tours you should consider for summer vacation 2024:

Landscapes of Wild Iceland

See the 8-day itinerary

Thundering waterfalls and glacial lagoons are just a few of the natural wonders that will leave you thinking you’ve stepped into a fairytale. Nope, Iceland is all natural, and this eight-day tour will take you to some of the wildest sites this island nation has to offer. Start in Reykjavik and crisscross the South Coast before hopping on the extension to West Iceland and exploring glacial ice tunnels. Why not spend your vacation this year in one of the best places to travel in 2024 for endless views, abundant sunshine, and stunning vistas.

Iceland: The Golden Circle & Ring Road

See the 11-day itinerary

Circumnavigate the Land of Fire and Ice on this 11-day journey past glacier-fed waterfalls, boiling mud pools, and moss-covered cliffs. Step off the beaten path—and on to a glacier—to discover the lesser-trafficked areas of this island nation. Experience the relaxation of a natural thermal bath and the exhilaration of a whale watching expedition as you witness Iceland in all its wild beauty. It’s easy to see why this is one of the best places to go in summer 2024 due to abundant sunshine, moderate temperatures, and jaw-dropping experiences—so get ready for a trip you’ll never forget.

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4. Africa

With its abundance of wildlife, globally significant historical sites, warm and welcoming locals, and unforgettable natural landscapes, Africa easily ranks among the best places to travel in 2024. Experience an up-close visit with the Great Sphinx and float up the Nile River—you can even dip your toes in the Mediterranean on a visit to Alexandria—during a tour of the northern end of the continent. If you prefer to head to the absolute southern tip of Africa, ride a cable car to the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town—or float over to Robben Island and see if you can spot the endangered African penguin. Our Africa tours cover the entire beautiful continent. Here are a few of our summer vacation 2024 favorites:

South Africa: Cultural Cities & Wildlife Safaris

See the 17-day itinerary

Any list of places to go in the summer of 2024 that doesn’t include South Africa is incomplete. No other destination offers the combination of experiences found on this 17-day, life-changing tour. Begin in Cape Town, where you dive deep into the complex history and culture of the region. Learn about how local life was deeply impacted by the policies of Apartheid, and how modern initiatives are attempting to rebuild the communities in many areas. Explore the countryside and sample one of South Africa’s most famous exports: the incredible wines of Stellenbosch. Visit a game reserve—keeping lookout for lions and elephants—and spot hippos on a river cruise through a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This tour truly has it all.

Kenya Wildlife Safari for Solo Travelers

See the 10-day itinerary

Kenya isn’t just one of the best summer travel destinations for solo travelers, it’s also one of the best places in the world to spot animals in their natural habitat. This 10-day safari is packed with adventures. Dine in the bustling capital city of Nairobi before you head to Amboseli National Park for and take part in game drives—maybe you’ll be the first of your fellow solo travelers to spot each of the Big Five. Float across Lake Naivasha in search of hippos and take part in the traditional jumping dance of the Maasai people, soaking up every moment of your safari. End your trip with the ultimate summer break—a few days relaxing on the shores of Zanzibar—when you add the tour extension.

Travel to Africa with us

5. Central Europe

Simply put, Europe in the summer is stunning. The city squares, the flowers in bloom, and the proximity of multiple cities that makes every trip feel like a voyage of discovery. If you’re thinking of places to go in the summer of 2024 and having a hard time narrowing it down to one city, or even one country, allow us to introduce a few of our Europe tours that visit the center of the continent. These multi-city, multi-country tours are the perfect solution for the age-old question: Where should I go this year?

Amsterdam, Luxembourg & Brussels

See the 10-day itinerary

Start your mornings at a cafe along a canal, smelling the bloom of fresh flowers and hearing the gentle clank of bicycles riding past. Amsterdam is known for its art, food, and unique urban landscape. Countless canals cross the city, making every summer stroll memorable. On this tour, you’ll also spend some time in one of Europe’s smallest countries, Luxembourg. Travel through its Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and marvel at the Grand Ducal Palace’s intricate carvings. End your unforgettable, 10-day summer tour with a stop in Brussels, often called the unofficial capital of Europe. After you work up an appetite exploring Gothic churches and the historic city center, settle in for a chocolate workshop and beer tasting that will leave you wishing you could stay in Brussels all summer.

Germany, Switzerland & Austria

See the 14-day itinerary

Wander through Germany’s oldest university town, the picturesque Swiss Alps, and the grand boulevards of the world’s most livable city on this 14-day tour. The Swiss Alps are among the top places to go in the summer, and it’s no wonder why. Feeling the cool mountain air on your skin under the warm summer sun is a magical sensation. Add to the mix idyllic lakes, the fairy-tale castle of Neuschwanstein, and scenes from The Sound of Music and you have a summer trip you’ll never forget.

Croatia & Italy: Dubrovnik to Venice

See the 12-day itinerary

Italy is world-famous for its laid-back, la dolce vita lifestyle and effortlessly casual style, making it an iconic summer destination. Now imagine adding another relaxing and historic, beautiful coastal nation to your summer 2024 trip. Allow us to introduce our Croatia & Italy: Dubrovnik to Venice tour. This 12-day trip takes you from the fortressed walls of Dubrovnik to the iconic canals of Venice, with multiple stops along the sun-drenched Adriatic coast in between. Explore quaint coastal towns, ancient Roman ruins, and lush wine country on this trip that is sure to earn a mention when you talk about “the best trip ever.”

Explore Central Europe on tour

6. The Spanish Islands

Island time and summer travel destinations go together like crisp Spanish wine and seaside tapas. Luckily, our tours of Spain manage to combine all these elements into one incredible journey that will be the highlight of your summer.

Spain’s Balearic Islands: Menorca & Mallorca

See the 10-day itinerary

Sunny beaches, coastal villages, and delicious seafood on the big island. No, this isn’t Hawaii, it’s Mallorca. This trip isn’t just island time though—you’ll begin in bustling Barcelona, the Catalan capital. There, you’ll explore La Sagrada Família and have time to marvel at the still-under-construction architectural masterpiece. Hop a flight to Menorca and experience the idyllic island’s laid-back lifestyle. Visit a local cheese farm, dig your toes into the sand on an unspoiled beach, and take to the water for a sunset sail along the stunning coast. Then, it’s off to Mallorca, for olive oil tasting, underground cave exploration, and picturesque island views around every turn. Discover how the sister islands complement each other and create lifelong travel memories in these can’t miss summer travel destinations.

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Whether you opt for a tried-and-true summer locale or decide to venture off the beaten path for a wildlife adventure, your next summer trip is waiting. Where will we see you in 2024?

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